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Apollo-era Robbins medallions

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The famous Robbins medallions have been produced for, and flown on, every manned U.S. mission since Apollo 7. Minted by the Robbins Company, of Attleboro, MA, the sterling silver medallions for each mission were paid for by the crews and available for purchase only by NASA astronauts at the time.

Between 255 and 450 Robbins medallions were minted for each Apollo mission. The medallions for the first few flights were struck with blank space on the reverse for the launch and return dates to be added post-flight. For the moon landing missions three blank fields were included for the launch, lunar landing, and return dates.

From Apollo 15 onwards only a subset of medallions were actually flown so in the section below I have noted the number minted and the number flown for each flight. It's important to note that if N medallions were flown it was those with serial numbers 1 through N that were carried on the flight. The serial number is the only surefire way to identify the flown/unflown status of Apollo-era medallions, although from Apollo 17 onwards an "F" was also added next to the serial number on flown examples. It's important to note that for Apollo 16 only the flown medallions were given serial numbers.

Between 3 and 7 gold medallions were also struck per mission, and were apparently assigned serial numbers separately from the silver versions. These medallions were only available to the flight crew, and were often intended as gifts to their wives. The gold medallions for Apollo 7 through 17 were struck in solid 14kt gold. With Skylab it seems that some were 14kt gold and others 10kt gold. From ASTP onwards the gold medallions were all 10kt gold.

The fact that the Robbins medallions are flown, closely associated with the astronauts, and available to collectors in very restricted quantities makes them very sought-after collectibles.

In terms of value it is worth noting that apart from factors such as condition, and the scarcity of medallions from a particular mission, the main influence on price seems to be the provenance of the medallion. Examples directly from the collections of astronauts generally fetch more than those from secondary sources, and examples from the crew of the mission usually sell at a premium.

It's important to note that we owe much of our knowledge of the Robbins medallions to years of research by collector Howard C. Weinberger, whose book "The Robbins Medallions - Flown Treasure from the Apollo Program" (1999, updated in 2006), and available to buy here, is recommended reading for anyone intending to collect these medallions. His 2008 articles "The Enigmatic Apollo 16 Robbins Medallions" and "The Final Word" on the Heritage Auctions site clarify some further issues that have caused confusion over the years.

Flight: Apollo 7
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 1.25" (32mm)
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 255 (later 300)
No. flown: 255

Some years after the Apollo 7 mission, Walter Cunningham commissioned the Robbins Company to strike a further 45 silver medallions from the original Apollo 7 dies. These unflown medallions were given serial numbers 256 through 300.

Flight: Apollo 8
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 38mm x 30mm
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 300
No. flown: 300

Flight: Apollo 9
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 1" (25mm)
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 350
No. flown: 350

Flight: Apollo 10
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 29mm x 31mm
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 300
No. flown: 300

Flight: Apollo 11
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 1.1" (28mm)
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 450
No. flown: 440

All 450 Apollo 11 Robbins medallions were intended for flight but Collins has reported that 10 went missing from the KSC crew quarters pre-flight and thus were not flown. Some of these medallions have since resurfaced and can be identified by the fact that the mission dates are not engraved in the reverse. See the CollectSpace.com article The Case of the unflown flown Robbins by Howard C. Weinberger for more details.

Flight: Apollo 12
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver (see note below)
Diameter: 1.25" (32mm)
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 262
No. flown: 262

The first 82 Apollo 12 Robbins medallions were struck from an ingot of silver salvaged from the wreck of a Spanish treasure ship (part of the Plate Fleet) that was sunk by a hurricane off Cape Canaveral in 1715. These medallions, with serial numbers 1 through 82, do not have the Sterling silver mark below the serial number because the Spanish silver is of a higher purity than Sterling.

Flight: Apollo 13
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 1.25" (32mm)
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 404 (re-minted)
No. flown: 400 (see note below)

When the Apollo 13 crew was changed very shortly before the flight, the cew names on the reverse of the medallion became obsolete. There was not enough time to restrike the medals so it was decided to fly them as they were. When the moon landing was cancelled this also rendered the "Landed" field on the reverse of the medallion obsolete, so after the mission the flown medallions were melted down and re-minted with the correct crew names displayed and only two date fields on the reverse. According to Weinberger a few unflown medallions were melted-down with the 400 returned flown examples and a total of 404 re-strike medallions were finally minted.

Flight: Apollo 14
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 35mm x 30mm
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 303
No. flown: 303

Flight: Apollo 15
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 1.4" (35mm)
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 304
No. flown: 127

Prior to Apollo 15 the entire run of Robbins medallions was always carried on each mission. However, for Apollo 15 only 127 of the 304 medallions minted (serial numbers 1 to 127) were carried on the flight.

The reason why the other 177 medallions (numbers 128 to 304) were unflown was originally said to be due to the misspelling of Apennines (as Appeninnes) which led to a batch being sent back to Robbins to be re-struck but not in time for the mission. However, Larry McGlynn recently asked Dave Scott about this and was told that the reason only 127 were carried was simply due to weight restrictions.

In any case the unflown medallions have the distinction of containing a significant amount of flown material with an interesting background.

Before the mission, Al Worden acquired an ingot of silver salvaged from the Spanish 'Plate Fleet' that was sunk in 1715 off the Florida coast, and this was then carried on Apollo 15 in Dave Scott's PPK.

After the flight the 177 unflown medallions were returned to the Robbins company and restruck (with the spelling of Apennines corrected) with the flown silver ingot added to the mix. Based on an estimated weight of approximately 2.2 lbs for the flown silver ingot the flown content of these medallions is probably quite significant, perhaps 17 to 20% by weight.

Flight: Apollo 16
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 1.4" (35mm)
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 300
No. flown: 98

As noted in Howard C. Weinberger's article "The Enigmatic Apollo 16 Robbins Medallions" only the 98 flown medallions from Apollo 16 were stamped with serial numbers on the rim. The 202 unflown medallions were un-numbered although, because this was not widely-known until recently, a significant number of these medallions have been mis-identified at auction over the years as flown.

Flight: Apollo 17
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 1.4" (35mm)
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 300
No. flown: 80

Flight: Skylab I
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 1.4" (35mm)
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 300
No. flown: 50

Flight: Skylab II
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 1.4" (35mm)
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 159
No. flown: 55

Flight: Skylab III
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 37mm x 35mm
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 190
No. flown: 70

Note that 80 bronze unflown medallions were struck for Skylab III.

Flight: Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
Manufacturer: Robbins
Material: Sterling silver
Diameter: 1.4" (35mm)
Weight: unknown
No. minted: 283
No. flown: 93

Annex: Robbins medallions sold at auction or identified in private or museum collections

This list attempts to identify all Apollo-era Robbins medallion sales from major space auctions held since 1991, along with examples from some other sources such as direct sale websites. Please feel free to contact me with any corrections or additions.

Mssn.ProvenanceStatusS/NSold viaSale DateLot no.PriceReference / Notes
AS7unknownFLOWN60HeritageApr 18 201340374$2,390Auction listing 
AS7Eisele -> GarinoFLOWN71HeritageSep 19 200725296$1,673Auction listing  ;
Private collection
AS7SchirraFLOWN87HeritageApr 18 201340073$13,145Auction listing 
AS7CernanFLOWN158HeritageNov 1 201340128$4,688Auction listing 
AS7KerwinFLOWN178HeritageMar 24 200858102$2,629Auction listing 
AS7SchweickartFLOWN186HeritageNov 30 201140034$4,780Auction listing 
AS7WeitzFLOWN197HeritageMar 24 200858136$37,344Charm bracelet of all 11.
Auction listing 
AS7AldrinFLOWN224HeritageNov 12 201452146UNSOLDAuction listing 
AS7EvansFLOWN234HeritageOct 7 200941046$2,629Auction listing 
AS7SwigertFLOWN238HeritageMay 22 201552060$2,750In bezel mount ; Auction listing 
AS7EvansFLOWN240HeritageApr 21 201041056$4,183Auction listing 
AS7EvansFLOWN243HeritageApr 1 200941009$11,950Charm bracelet with 4 others
Auction listing 
AS7CunninghamUNFLOWN268HeritageMay 22 201552064$1,125Restrike ; Auction listing 
AS7CunninghamUNFLOWN288HeritageMar 24 200858043$598Restrike ; Auction listing 
HeritageSep 19 200725298$4,481Auction listing 
AS8LovellFLOWN63HeritageNov 30 201140037$17,925Auction listing 
AS8LovellFLOWN67HeritageMar 31 200941048$8,963Auction listing 
AS8LovellFLOWN137HeritageOct 7 200941054$16,730Auction listing 
AS8AldrinFLOWN208HeritageNov 12 201452147UNSOLDAuction listing 
AS8LousmaFLOWN218HeritageJun 3 201141069$5,079Auction listing 
AS8KerwinFLOWN241HeritageMar 24 200858103$5,676Auction listing  ;
Private collection
AS8WeitzFLOWN254HeritageMar 24 200858136$37,344Charm bracelet of all 11.
Auction listing 
AS8SchweickartFLOWN264HeritageNov 30 201140038$5,975Auction listing 
AS8CernanFLOWN290HeritageMay 22 201552066$13,750Auction listing 
AS8SchirraFLOWN294HeritageApr 18 201340074$10,158Auction listing 
AS9SchweickartFLOWN120HeritageNov 30 201140050$7,768Auction listing 
AS9SchweickartFLOWN179HeritageNov 30 201140051$2,271In lucite with flown cable frag ;
Auction listing 
AS9McDivitt -> GarinoFLOWN195HeritageSep 19 200725299$1,793Auction listing 
AS9EvansFLOWN252HeritageOct 7 200941056$1,673Auction listing 
AS9EvansFLOWN253HeritageMar 31 200941010$1,793Auction listing 
AS9EvansFLOWN254HeritageApr 1 200941009$11,950Charm bracelet with 4 others
Auction listing 
AS9SchirraFLOWN260HeritageApr 18 201340075$3,346Auction listing 
AS9AldrinFLOWN269HeritageNov 12 201452148$2,188Auction listing 
AS9SwigertFLOWN272HeritageMay 22 201552080$6,250Auction listing 
AS9unknownFLOWN285HeritageApr 18 201340382$1,793Auction listing 
AS9LousmaFLOWN299HeritageMar 24 200858120$1,494Auction listing 
AS9WordenFLOWN316HeritageMay 12 201240089$3,884Auction listing 
AS9WeitzFLOWN320HeritageMar 24 200858136$37,344Charm bracelet of all 11.
Auction listing 
AS9KerwinFLOWN323HeritageMar 24 200858104$1,315Auction listing 
AS10CernanFLOWN19HeritageNov 1 201340148$4,000Auction listing 
AS10SwigertFLOWN26HeritageMay 22 201552087$6,250Auction listing 
AS10KerwinFLOWN37HeritageMar 24 200858105$3,346Auction listing  ;
Private collection
AS10CernanFLOWN43HeritageMar 24 200858023$5,975Auction listing 
AS10YoungFLOWN46HeritageJun 3 201141079$5,676Auction listing 
AS10SchirraFLOWN52HeritageApr 18 201340076$2,988Auction listing 
AS10CunninghamFLOWN60HeritageMay 12 201240092$5,676Auction listing 
AS10SchweickartFLOWN70HeritageNov 30 201140085$15,535Auction listing 
AS10YoungFLOWN86HeritageNov 17 201041064$2,868Auction listing 
AS10YoungFLOWN87HeritageMar 31 200941107$2,390Auction listing 
AS10YoungFLOWN90HeritageNov 12 201452082$6,875Auction listing 
AS10YoungFLOWN101HeritageApr 18 201340385$5,378Auction listing 
AS10YoungFLOWN105HeritageApr 21 201041084$3,107Auction listing 
AS10YoungFLOWN108HeritageNov 1 201340149$5,313Auction listing 
AS10YoungFLOWN109HeritageOct 7 200941061$3,107Auction listing 
AS10YoungFLOWN125HeritageMay 14 201440110$4,688Auction listing 
AS10EvansFLOWN217HeritageApr 1 200941009$11,950Charm bracelet with 4 others
Auction listing 
AS10WeitzFLOWN225HeritageMar 24 200858136$37,344Charm bracelet of all 11.
Auction listing 
AS10Cernan -> GarinoFLOWN248HeritageSep 19 200725300$3,734Auction listing 
AS10AldrinFLOWN266HeritageNov 12 201452149UNSOLDAuction listing 
AS10unknownFLOWN278HeritageApr 18 201340386$3,107Auction listing 
AS10CernanFLOWN289HeritageOct 6 200841015$4,481Auction listing 
AS11AldrinFLOWN51HeritageNov 12 201452150$27,500Auction listing 
AS11Ex-CarrFLOWN117HeritageMay 12 201240099$31,070Auction listing 
AS11SchweickartFLOWN119HeritageNov 30 201140094$26,290Auction listing 
AS11WeitzFLOWN139HeritageMar 24 200858136$37,344Charm bracelet of all 11.
Auction listing 
AS11KerwinFLOWN140HeritageMar 24 200858106$21,510Auction listing  ;
Private collection
AS11BeanFLOWN146HeritageMay 14 201440171$37,500Auction listing 
AS11EvansFLOWN152HeritageApr 21 201041094$20,315Auction listing 
AS11EvansFLOWN153HeritageOct 8 200941092$8,963Auction listing 
AS11SwigertFLOWN179HeritageMay 22 201552093$50,000Auction listing 
AS11DukeFLOWN188HeritageMar 26 200858066$28,680Auction listing 
AS11Ex-DukeFLOWN189HeritageNov 2 201240116$35,850Auction listing 
AS11EvansFLOWN209HeritageApr 1 200941009$11,950Charm bracelet with 4 others
Auction listing 
AS11LousmaFLOWN227HeritageJun 3 201141088$26,290Auction listing 
AS11unknownFLOWN287HeritageApr 18 201340391$26,290Auction listing 
AS11AldrinFLOWN343HeritageOct 8 200941093$11,950Auction listing 
AS11AldrinFLOWN350HeritageSep 20 200725373$15,535Auction listing 
AS11CollinsFLOWN358HeritageMay 14 201440116$37,500Auction listing 
AS11Collins -> GarinoFLOWN390HeritageSep 20 200725301$19,120Auction listing 
AS11SchirraFLOWN416HeritageApr 18 201340078$33,460Auction listing 
AS12Ex-ConradFLOWN1HeritageNov 2 201240079$26,290Auction listing 
AS12Ex-ConradFLOWN4HeritageNov 2 201240080$5,975As pinback with diamond insert
Auction listing 
AS12Conrad -> GarinoFLOWN50HeritageSep 20 200725302$9,560Auction listing 
HeritageApr 18 201340082$8,365Auction listing 
HeritageNov 2 201240152$7,170Auction listing 
AS12BeanFLOWN106HeritageNov 1 201340233$11,250Auction listing 
AS12BeanFLOWN113HeritageMay 14 201440172$6,875Auction listing 
AS12Ex-BeanFLOWN131HeritageMay 12 201240126$6,573Auction listing 
AS12Ex-DukeFLOWN166HeritageMay 12 201240127$6,573Auction listing 
AS12SwigertFLOWN171HeritageMay 22 201552192$10,000Auction listing 
AS12AldrinFLOWN187HeritageNov 12 201452151UNSOLDAuction listing 
AS12KerwinFLOWN195HeritageMar 24 200858107$5,079Auction listing 
AS12SchweickartFLOWN200HeritageNov 30 201140120$11,950Auction listing 
AS12SchirraFLOWN206HeritageApr 18 201340081$5,676Auction listing 
AS12CernanFLOWN222HeritageNov 1 201340234$6,250Auction listing 
AS12WeitzFLOWN243HeritageMar 24 200858136$37,344Charm bracelet of all 11.
Auction listing 
AS12BeanFLOWNnoneHeritageApr 18 201340423$3,884Auction listing 
AS13LovellFLOWN125HeritageMay 14 201440197$8,125Auction listing 
AS13LovellFLOWN131HeritageNov 30 201140124$17,925Auction listing 
AS13LovellFLOWN138HeritageNov 1 201340243$7,500Auction listing 
AS13SwigertFLOWN156HeritageMay 22 201552216$13,750Auction listing ">
AS13LovellFLOWN184HeritageNov 2 201240158$6,573Auction listing 
AS13Swigert -> GarinoFLOWN201HeritageSep 20 200725303$3,585Auction listing 
HeritageJun 3 201141109$5,676Auction listing 
AS13Ex-HaiseFLOWN227HeritageMay 12 201240136$7,469Auction listing 
AS13LovellFLOWN281HeritageOct 7 200841084$5,378Auction listing 
AS13LovellFLOWN283HeritageApr 1 200941058$7,170Auction listing 
AS13LovellFLOWN285HeritageOct 8 200941112$5,676Auction listing 
AS13AldrinFLOWN295HeritageNov 12 201452152$5,625Auction listing 
AS13DukeFLOWN324HeritageMar 26 200858068$4,481Auction listing 
AS13SchirraFLOWN348HeritageApr 18 201340083$5,079Auction listing 
AS13SchweickartFLOWN354HeritageNov 30 201140125$6,573Auction listing 
AS13StaffordFLOWN370HeritageOct 8 200941113UnsoldAuction listing 
AS13WeitzFLOWN371HeritageMar 24 200858136$37,344Charm bracelet of all 11.
Auction listing 
AS13GibsonFLOWN384HeritageNov 2 201240160$5,079Auction listing 
AS13KerwinFLOWN385HeritageMar 24 200858108$3,884Auction listing 
AS13YoungFLOWN402HeritageOct 8 200941114$3,346Auction listing 
HeritageNov 2 201240159$5,378Auction listing 
AS14unknownFLOWN21HeritageApr 1 200941185$2,749Auction listing  ;
Private collection
AS14Roosa -> GarinoFLOWN73HeritageSep 20 200725304$5,676Auction listing 
HeritageJun 3 201141118$17,925Auction listing 
AS14unknownFLOWN100HeritageApr 18 201340455UNSOLDAuction listing 
AS14EvansFLOWN112HeritageApr 1 200941012$2,868Auction listing 
HeritageApr 21 201041134$2,749Auction listing 
AS14EvansFLOWN113HeritageApr 1 200941009$11,950Charm bracelet with 4 others
Auction listing 
AS14WeitzFLOWN118HeritageMar 24 200858136$37,344Charm bracelet of all 11.
Auction listing 
AS14PogueFLOWN135HeritageNov 2 201240170$7,170Auction listing 
AS14PogueFLOWN136HeritageApr 18 201340454$4,780Auction listing 
AS14AldrinFLOWN146HeritageNov 12 201452153UNSOLDAuction listing 
AS14YoungFLOWN149HeritageApr 1 200941117$3,824Auction listing 
AS14Ex-DukeFLOWN156HeritageMay 12 201240151$9,560Auction listing 
AS14KerwinFLOWN162HeritageMar 24 200858109$4,183Auction listing  ;
Private collection
AS14SwigertFLOWN184HeritageMay 22 201552242$12,500Auction listing 
AS14SchweickartFLOWN192HeritageNov 30 201140138$14,340Auction listing 
AS14Ex-DukeFLOWN200HeritageNov 2 201240169$7,768NGC encapsulated
Auction listing 
AS14unknownFLOWN225HeritageMay 12 201240152$4,780Auction listing 
AS14MitchellFLOWN237HeritageOct 7 200841109$3,884Auction listing 
AS14MitchellFLOWN247HeritageOct 8 200941126$7,768Auction listing 
AS14MitchellFLOWN259HeritageMar 24 200858132$4,481Auction listing 
AS14SchirraFLOWN298HeritageApr 18 201340084$5,228Auction listing 
AS15Ex-WordenFLOWN19HeritageNov 2 201240084$14,340Auction listing 
AS15IrwinFLOWN51HeritageOct 7 200841217$8,963Auction listing 
AS15YoungFLOWN70HeritageApr 1 200941118$4,183Auction listing 
AS15KerwinFLOWN71HeritageMar 24 200858110$10,158Auction listing  ;
Private collection
AS15EvansFLOWN84HeritageApr 1 200941016$3,884Auction listing 
AS15SchweickartFLOWN92HeritageNov 30 201140156$28,680Auction listing 
AS15LousmaFLOWN97HeritageMar 24 200858121$5,079Auction listing 
AS15unknownFLOWN100HeritageApr 18 201340471$7,469Auction listing 
AS15Ex-CarrFLOWN115HeritageNov 2 201240185$13,145NGC encapsulated
Auction listing 
AS15WeitzFLOWN116HeritageMar 24 200858136$37,344Charm bracelet of all 11.
Auction listing 
AS15SwigertFLOWN118HeritageMay 22 201552264$15,000Auction listing 
AS15WordenFLOWN126HeritageMay 12 201240170$11,950Auction listing 
HeritageApr 18 201340086$22,705Auction listing 
AS15Irwin -> GarinoUNFLOWN157HeritageSep 20 200725305$3,585Auction listing 
AS15Ex-WordenUNFLOWN179HeritageNov 2 201240085$717Auction listing 
AS15WordenUNFLOWN182HeritageMay 12 201240171$2,868Auction listing 
AS15unknownUNFLOWN266HeritageNov 2 201240187$598NGC encapsulated
Auction listing 
AS15PogueUNFLOWN267HeritageApr 18 201340472$2,151Auction listing 
AS15SchirraUNFLOWN273HeritageApr 18 201340087$1,135Auction listing 
AS15PogueUNFLOWN304HeritageNov 2 201240186UNSOLDAuction listing 
AS16YoungFLOWN10HeritageApr 21 201041157$17,925Auction listing 
AS16YoungFLOWN18HeritageApr 18 201340485$11,950Auction listing 
AS16YoungFLOWN19HeritageApr 1 200941122$13,145Auction listing 
AS16YoungFLOWN20HeritageNov 12 201452283$15,625Auction listing 
AS16Ex-DukeFLOWN25HeritageMay 12 201240197$31,070Auction listing 
AS16Ex-DukeFLOWN36HeritageNov 2 201240208$31,070NGC encapsulated
Auction listing 
AS16DukeFLOWN37HeritageApr 18 201340088$14,340Auction listing 
AS16YoungFLOWN46HeritageJun 3 201141147$15,535Auction listing 
AS16YoungFLOWN48HeritageNov 1 201340272$9,688Auction listing 
AS16WeitzFLOWN55HeritageMar 24 200858136$37,344Charm bracelet of all 11.
Auction listing 
AS16KerwinFLOWN75HeritageMar 24 200858111$5,736Auction listing 
HeritageNov 2 201240209$16,730Auction listing 
HeritageMay 22 201552276$15,000Auction listing 
AS16YoungFLOWN94HeritageOct 8 200941140$16,730Auction listing 
AS16YoungFLOWN97HeritageNov 17 201041147$19,120Auction listing 
AS16YoungUNFLOWNnoneHeritageApr 1 200941121$777Auction listing 
AS16YoungUNFLOWNnoneHeritageApr 21 201041158$627Auction listing 
AS16BeanUNFLOWNnoneHeritageOct 7 200841003$598Auction listing  ;
Private collection
AS16DukeUNFLOWNnoneHeritageOct 7 200841040$896Auction listing 
AS16DukeUNFLOWNnoneHeritageOct 7 200841221$464On necklace ; Auction listing 
AS16DukeUNFLOWNnoneHeritageMar 26 200858070$956Auction listing  ;
Private collection
AS16Duke -> GarinoUNFLOWNnoneHeritageSep 20 200725306$1,076Auction listing 
AS16YoungUNFLOWNnoneHeritageJun 3 201141148$747Auction listing 
AS16Ex-BeanUNFLOWNnoneHeritageMay 12 201240198$1,315Auction listing 
AS16PogueUNFLOWNnoneHeritageNov 2 201240210$717Auction listing 
AS16Ex-DukeUNFLOWNnoneHeritageNov 2 201240211$1,076Auction listing 
AS16SchirraUNFLOWNnoneHeritageApr 18 201340089$717Auction listing 
AS16YoungUNFLOWNnoneHeritageNov 1 201340273$938Auction listing 
AS17Ex-DukeFLOWNF19HeritageNov 2 201240214$47,800Auction listing 
AS17BeanFLOWNF24HeritageMay 14 201440173$59,375Auction listing 
AS17KerwinFLOWN38HeritageMar 24 200858112$26,290Auction listing 
AS17unknownFLOWNF39HeritageNov 2 201240213$31,070Auction listing 
AS17WeitzFLOWNF42HeritageMar 24 200858136$37,344Charm bracelet of all 11.
Auction listing 
AS17Ex-LousmaFLOWNF50HeritageNov 2 201240212$53,775NGC encapsulated
Auction listing 
AS17Ex-CernanFLOWN73HeritageMay 12 201240201$38,838Auction listing 
AS17EvansUNFLOWN97HeritageOct 8 200941160$837Auction listing 
AS17EvansUNFLOWN118HeritageApr 1 200941021$1,135Auction listing 
AS17GarinoUNFLOWN127HeritageSep 20 200725307$1,315Auction listing 
AS17EvansUNFLOWN155HeritageOct 8 200941161$657Auction listing 
AS17SchweickartUNFLOWN219HeritageNov 30 201140173$8,963Auction listing 
AS17SchirraUNFLOWN232HeritageApr 18 201340091$2,151Auction listing 
AS17PogueUNFLOWN241HeritageNov 2 201240216$837Auction listing 
AS17BeanUNFLOWN262HeritageMar 26 200858013$1,076Auction listing  ;
Private collection
AS17YoungUNFLOWN294HeritageMay 12 201240202$1,673Auction listing 
HeritageOct 8 200941162$1,195Auction listing 
AS17DukeUNFLOWN298HeritageOct 7 200841041$896Auction listing 
HeritageNov 2 201240215$837Auction listing 
SLIWeitzUNFLOWN?HeritageMar 24 200858137$4,78010Kt gold, Weitz believed UNFLOWN ;
with flown emerald ; Auction listing 
SLIYoungFLOWNF16HeritageMar 31 200941142$3,107Auction listing 
SLISwigertFLOWNF18HeritageMay 22 201552304$4,250Auction listing 
SLISchweickartFLOWNF23HeritageNov 30 201140199$8,963Auction listing 
SLILovellFLOWNF25HeritageOct 7 200841107$4,183In lucite with 3 others ;
Auction listing 
SLIEvansFLOWNF46HeritageMar 31 200941031$1,315Auction listing 
SLIWeitzUNFLOWN63HeritageOct 7 200941183$311Auction listing 
HeritageOct 6 200841123$388Auction listing 
SLIWeitzUNFLOWN71HeritageApr 18 201340094$1,315With 2 others
Auction listing 
HeritageApr 21 201041191$418Encapsulated 
SLIWeitzUNFLOWN73HeritageMar 24 200858138$448Auction listing 
SLIunknownUNFLOWN88HeritageMay 12 201240226$418Auction listing 
SLIWeitzUNFLOWN90HeritageMar 31 200941080$335Auction listing 
SLIDukeUNFLOWN239HeritageMar 24 200858072$1,793With 2 others ;
Auction listing 
SLIYoungUNFLOWN244HeritageApr 21 201041192$837Part of SL set ;
Auction listing  
SLIEx-BeanUNFLOWN291HeritageNov 1 201340305$688Auction listing 
SLIILousmaFLOWN009FHeritageMar 25 200858122$2,151Auction listing 
SLIILovellFLOWN013FHeritageOct 7 200841107$4,183In lucite with 3 others ;
Auction listing 
SLIIYoungFLOWN016FHeritageMar 31 200941143$2,868Auction listing 
SLIISchweickartFLOWN025FHeritageNov 30 201140200$14,340Auction listing 
SLIISwigertFLOWN039FHeritageMay 22 201552305$3,500Auction listing 
SLIIEvansFLOWN046FHeritageMar 31 200941032$1,912Auction listing 
SLIIBeanUNFLOWN58HeritageMay 14 201440174$1,000Auction listing 
SLIIEx-BeanUNFLOWN143HeritageNov 1 201340309$938Auction listing 
SLIIDukeUNFLOWN184HeritageMar 24 200858072$1,793With 2 others ; Auction listing 
SLIIWeitzUNFLOWN196HeritageApr 18 201340094$1,315With 2 others
Auction listing 
SLIIYoungUNFLOWN222HeritageApr 21 201041192$837Part of SL set ;
Auction listing  
SLIIIPogueFLOWN9FHeritageNov 2 201240239$4,183Auction listing 
SLIIIPogueFLOWN15FHeritageApr 18 201340523$1,912Auction listing 
SLIIIPogueFLOWN21FHeritageNov 1 201340312$5,313Auction listing 
SLIIISwigertFLOWN21FHeritageMay 22 201552309$2,250Auction listing 
SLIIIEvansFLOWN37FHeritageMar 31 200941033$1,315Auction listing 
SLIIILousmaFLOWN40FHeritageMar 25 200858123$1,793Auction listing 
HeritageApr 18 201340093$2,868Auction listing 
SLIIIYoungFLOWN56FHeritageMar 31 200941144$2,868Auction listing 
SLIIIPogueUNFLOWN80HeritageApr 18 201340524$418Auction listing 
SLIIIPogueUNFLOWN83HeritageNov 2 201240240$478Auction listing 
SLIIILovellUNFLOWN129HeritageOct 7 200841107$4,183In lucite with 3 others ;
Auction listing 
SLIIIEx-StaffordUNFLOWN131HeritageMay 12 201240230$956Auction listing 
SLIIIDukeUNFLOWN151HeritageMar 24 200858072$1,793With 2 others ;
Auction listing 
SLIIIYoungUNFLOWN160HeritageApr 21 201041192$837Part of SL set ;
Auction listing  
SLIIIEx-BeanUNFLOWN162HeritageNov 1 201340313$406Auction listing 
SLIIIWeitzUNFLOWN188HeritageApr 18 201340094$1,315With 2 others
Auction listing 
ASTPBrandFLOWN29FHeritageNov 17 201041191$3,884Auction listing 
ASTPYoungFLOWN48FHeritageApr 1 200941145$4,481Auction listing 
ASTPEvansFLOWN52FHeritageMay 12 201240231$3,884Auction listing 
HeritageApr 1 200941034$2,271Auction listing 
ASTPPogueFLOWN79FHeritageNov 2 201240245$5,676Auction listing 
ASTPLovellFLOWN84FHeritageOct 7 200841107$4,183In lucite with 3 others ;
Auction listing 
ASTPSchweickartFLOWN87FHeritageNov 30 201140179$9,560Auction listing 
ASTPYoungUNFLOWN215HeritageApr 21 201041183$538Auction listing 
ASTPBeanUNFLOWN228HeritageApr 18 201340535$1,135Auction listing 
ASTPDukeUNFLOWN232HeritageOct 7 200841042$508Auction listing 
HeritageMar 26 200858071UnsoldAuction listing 

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